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Sher International Employment Agency Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

"providing services from 1991"

Sher International Employment Agency Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most component and leading employment agencies in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal specialized in providing manpower services abroad. Such services are mainly been provided for projects and Service Agencies in the Middle East.

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About Nepal

The beautiful Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is the home of the highest peak in the world. Mt .Everest which is located between China and India. It is an under developed land locked country and agriculture is the chief occupation of Nepal. Population of Nepal is 24000000. Nepal is abundant in natural resources and very beautiful country by the nature because of which tourism is rapidly developing along with its unique culture and tradition. Nepalese are rich for honesty, bravery, hard-working, loyalty and hospitality. We are reknowned for high sense of responsibilities and discipline which is proved in the 1st and 2nd World War as a military forces and famous by the name of Gurkha all over the world.

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